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Ranger Gary Horton, a Florida native who now resides in Alabama, is a graduate of Miami Christian College. While in college and after graduation, he directed a seven-state juvenile rehabilitation program. Gary also served as a co-director of a high school assembly program designed to help young people deal with their problems. His interest in troubled youth eventually led him to work with juveniles within the Florida state prison system.

In 1972, Gary joined the U. S. Army and served with the elite Army Airborne Rangers. After leaving the service, Gary renewed his commitment to young people by dedicating his time and talents to creating the phenomenally successful, American Freedom Assembly, which brings pride, hope and optimism to a generation in short supply.

Garyís mission is to carry Godís message to the world of confused youth that need guidance and purpose in their lives. Gary has the solution to todayís problem of youth violence in our schools. He spends his time traveling across this nation speaking to youth about America and its future. His message is about a personís Attitude, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Aspiration; spelling out : AMERICA

National representatives book the high school assemblies in their areas. Gary likes to do as many schools as possible in a compact period of time. He also speaks to youth groups and in prisons with prior approval while also finding time to present his ministry to churches in the area. Gary has spoken in over 8000 schools in 44 states across America. His assembly program is available to schools at no cost or obligation and there is never a request for anyone to join anything. A video of a school assembly program is available to school administrators at /


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