QuickMem Greek 3.0.0

Copyright (c) 2001 Darren Twa

QuickMem Greek is provided freely for those who wish to accelerate their study of New Testament Greek. The frequency lists and word definitions are from Bruce M. Metzger's Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek (used with permission). I highly recommend you use this book in conjunction with QuickMem Greek. It contains much more than what I have included here (including mnemonic aids, declensions, preposition charts, etc.) Dr. Metzger's book also contains a second part (not included in QuickMem Greek) listing New Testament words according to their root. It may be obtained by writing to:

Theological Book Agency
Princeton Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 821
Princeton, NJ 08542

QuickMem Greek is Freeware and is freely distributable.

Darren Twa
19814 55th Ave NE
Kenmore, WA 98028


Getting started

Run QuickMem Greek. Open the file Metzger.qg3 (it should be loaded automatically if you ran QuickMem Greek from the Start Menu).

Starting a quiz

Press the Begin button. You will be shown a Greek word. Think of the correct translation. Now press the Reveal button. If you got it right, then press the Correct button. If you got it wrong press the Incorrect button. QuickMem Greek will keep track of the ones you got wrong and ask them again. You will now be shown the next word. Continue until you have correctly answered each word.

Choosing a different word lists

From the quiz list drop down combo box, pick any one of the word lists. To create your own word lists, create a new file from the file menu and then press the Edit List button

Quizzing a partial word list

Each word list can contain up to 200 words. To choose only part of the list, pick the first and last word numbers and type them in the two edit boxes.

The difficulty sliders

The two slider controls are for setting the difficulty of quizzes and individual words. While taking a quiz, you can set the difficulty for each word by moving the slider next to the Incorrect button. Their are five settings, the first being the easiest for you the last for those words that are most difficult. When you save your file, all the settings for each word will be saved. The first slider sets the level for the the entire quiz. Use it to filter words by difficulty level.


Reverse question and answer: The translation will be shown before the Greek word.

Randomize order of questions: The questions will be mixed up so that you are learning words and not order patterns.

Automatic difficulty settings: When selected, the difficulty slider for each word will automatically move when you mark a word Incorrect.

The List Editor

The first thing you should do is Add List. Type in a name for the list. Now make sure it is selected in the list box. Now check each Greek word you want to be in that list. You can have up to 200 words in each list. Selecting from the drop down box ("Words occurring ...") allows you to quickly move the the first Greek word in that list.

Note: Selecting a list in this window will CLEAR all your difficulty settings for that list.